What’s the Vibe?

The on again, off again writer

Let’s paint a picture:

You’ve started a blog, you write regularly for a solid few weeks and suddenly… life happens. Life happens, you can’t find time to write, and then your blog becomes forgotten, collecting dust in the abyss of the interweb.

But then a few months later, after all that life happened, you’re feeling inspired by your experiences and ready to hit the ground writing again. Yet, you feel the blog you previously started is no longer your vibe. You don’t want that blog anymore, it feels stale and reminiscent of a different you.

So you decide to start fresh, start with a new blog, and you whisper to yourself, “New blog, new me…

All the while, you’re longing to write for a blog that’s already live and running – where you can come and go as you please, when the inspiration hits.


The one with something to get off their chest

Let’s paint an entirely different picture:

You’ve been through some shit. You have been through hell and back. Through it all you felt alone and thoroughly convinced no one could possibly understand your trials and tribulations.

You felt so alone in a world so dark, that you wouldn’t wish your experiences on your worst enemy. You want nothing more than to move on, to forget those times ever happened. Yet, there is a stronger part of you that is screaming for you to tell your story, to share it so no one will ever feel as alone as you felt.

So you seek out a platform to share your story, to open the door to others who could be in your shoes, to show them they aren’t alone.

They have you.



Let’s paint one more picture:

You’re on a mission to connect with women like you. Women who empower, support, and lift each other up. You stumble upon Peachy Keen Collective: a blog by women for women committed to producing real, uplifting, informative, and candid content.

You scroll through their website, resonating with post after post, completely enthralled. A voice in the back of your mind whispers, “Do you know how fulfilling it would be to tell people that in my free time, I contribute articles to Peachy Keen Collective?

The more you think about it, the more you know you have to be part of this ever-growing tessellation of women.

Above all, you relish in the irony of their slogan, “It’s all peachy keen.” For you know nothing is peachy keen, nothing at all… and you’re ready to contribute your two-cents.

You’re ready to write.


. . .

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